Album: N/A
Producer: Dennis Bell, Ollie Cotton
Label: Reality

One of the most sampled recordings in hip-hop history, "La Di Da Di" is like a holy scripture of rap. The B-side to "The Show" 12-inch single has come to eclipse the A-side over the years, and with good reason. Doug E. Fresh's stellar display of human beatboxing skills is the perfect complement to Slick Rick's ribald story-telling and B-Boy witticisms.

Dope though it may be, some records just can't be played in public anymore without inciting overzealous hip-hop heads to break out into riotous displays of nerdish abandon. Who cares if you can name every song that sampled this in alphabetical order? Do you really need to re-enact all of Doug E.'s beatbox sound effects with funny facial expressions and eyebrow arches? "Yo peep this!" No, thanks. We'll just listen to this on our headphones later.