Macklemore: “The scene is great. It’s a wide diversity of artists. The people that you mentioned [J.Pinder, Sol, Nacho Picasso.] And then the others—Blue Scholars and The Physics—tons of groups that really embody a wide variety of sounds.

“In terms of where I am at in the scene, I’ve worked my whole life to get to this point. The fact when I started there would be maybe a hundred people at the shows and now there’s hopefully the show we are doing at WaMu is gonna sell out. So that’s going to be 7,000 people. The fact that it has gotten that big is what I’ve always wanted for our city. That’s such a big part of who I am. It is who I am. To be able to go out and tour and spread my city, it’s more than just spreading myself. It’s showing the people what Seattle is everytime I step on the stage.

“The fact that you are asking me about Seattle and other interviewers asking me about Seattle and to see magazines in print with my hometown on that piece of paper. I have a lot of pride for where I am from. It’s what I’ve always wanted is to put my city on any way that I could.

“I love The Physics, they are a group from here. Their probably my favorite group from Seattle. They just have everyday, every man, type of raps with great beats and real soulful hooks. I’ve always really loved their sound. It really embodies the present-day Seattle sound and the more historic references of the past such as Vitamin D and people that came before them. I really like what they do.

“I also think Sol is somebody to look out for. He’s doing great things. He’s got a record with some great songs on it. I think he’s young and he’s going to definitely evolve and progress. That’s definitely somebody in the next couple years to look out for.

“And Nacho is killing it too. He’s very different. Extremely talented. He’s a great writer. My dude Avatar [Young Blaze]. He’s like this Russian kid who is super gangster. He can rap his ass off. Raps over trap beats and I really like what he’s doing. He’s doing some stuff with Nacho. There’s a lot of people man. Cloud Nice, the collective from here. They have a great sound. There’s so many different pockets of people that represent the Northwest sound so it’s not really something you can put in a box.”