Produced By: Sounwave

Kendrick Lamar: “That’s really one big subliminal at everybody getting mixed in a situation where everyone wants to have creative control. That’s the vibe I wanted to kill. That’s why I threw that record out. If you listen to some of the words, it’s real intricate, but it makes sense.

“[Lady GaGa was going to be on the song]. We had a date, but we had to meet the deadline for the pre-order date. That’s just the business side coming through and messing things up. But you know it’s God’s plan. I’m not really too tight about it because I know we have something special.”

Sounwave: “Me and Kendrick found this crazy record from this foreign group and we didn’t know where to go with it. So we looped that, I took it to my spot, and did the drums. I added everything I needed, the extra guitars, strings, all that. That inspired Kendrick to bring it to another level. Kendrick is hands-on with [beats]. He will find something he likes and call me right up: ‘Yo let’s go check this out!’ Like that’s how ‘Spiteful Chant’ came about. That’s how we much work all the time, we just sit, vibe, and listen to [beats] over and over.

Punch: “I don’t know who found the sample, [but Kendrick and Sounwave] work so closely together it’s like the same thing.”

MixedByAli: “We were in Chicago with Lady Gaga in the studio when we played the song for her. She wanted to hop on it but I think she did it somewhere in Europe and sent us the files. They were going back and forth on the song and bouncing around different concepts about what they could do with the record. We actually had a record done but there were timing issues with the album and it didn’t make the cut-off date.”

Sounwave: “We’re still working on [doing something with Gaga]. It was just a time situation. She was super busy, we were super busy. But we’re still working with her. We’ll have something with her and Kendrick very soon though.”

MixedByAli: “Kendrick’s [vibe in the studio] is funny. He will go from sitting in the corner super serious writing a song with his eyes closed to finding something funny on YouTube to watch. He is a random dude but that’s what makes him, him. You might catch him walking in circles writing or you might catch him in the booth by himself with the lights off writing. He writes everything in his head. He writes in his phone sometimes, he just catches the vibe wherever he’s at.”