Age: 17
Essential Listening: Back From the Dead
If You Don't Believe Us Listen To: "Understand Me"

Yeah, we know. Chief Keef is a monster and he's killing hip-hop music. Whatever.

Can we all please put all the drama, all the thinkpieces, and all the thinkpieces about thinkpieces aside for a second? Let's focus on one fact: Chief Keef makes good music that resonates with today’s youth.

No, it’s not lyrical. It’s visceral. Music is not an exercise in logic. It’s emotional. You want logic? Go solve a fucking Sudoku puzzle. Keef made one of the best songs of the year, and that was before Kanye and company showed up to capitalize off his buzz.

Plus, the latest short but sweet clips of the new songs he’s working on show that Keef is already past making gritty anthems and is looking to put out more polished (and promising) records.

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