30 really is the new 20. That's not just something that Jay-Z said out of insecurity.

Sure, YNRE (Young N****s Run Everything) might be a saying of choice these days, and our list of the 25 best rappers 25 and under certainly proves that they're a talented bunch, but what about the veterans and the artists whose come-up took a bit longer? There are more than a few 30-somethings who own the airwaves and the overall discussion surrounding hip-hop.

Kanye West, Rick Ross, and even relative newbies like Danny Brown are all in their fourth decade, and completely do away with the stigma that slightly older age used to bring to MCs. They're not alone, either. Check out The 30 Best Rappers in Their 30s and see how everyone in the age bracket stacks up.

Written by Eric Diep, Max Goldberg, Brian Josephs, Paul Meara, Lauren Nostro, Brad Wete, and Jordan Zirm

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