Soon after that The Movie came out.
Gucci Mane: At the time I was in the zone, and the beats and collaborations just all made sense. The Movie was my best put-together mixtape.

Do you have a favorite song off that record?
"The Intro." That’s one of my favorite verses I ever did. 

I really liked “I’m a Star”
Yeah that was a freestyle. I was too wasted. It was a hit and people still love it.

After that we had The Movie 2
I think that was great, we didn’t really push it, we just put it out there, but it had great songs on it. I wasn’t even pushing it, I wasn’t focused on it.

Then we have Movie 3 … that was another big one right?
That was a pretty big one, but it still wasn’t none of them like the Movie 1. I think we’re going to have to do a sequel to Trap God, cause it’s so powerful. People will demand that there be a sequel.

Movie 3, did you have a favorite song off that one? I always liked "My Shadow."
"My Shadow" is one of my favorite songs on there.