Everything seemed so different and promising for Kreayshawn a year ago. The Oakland, Calif. native had an incredible amount of buzz and press once the world saw the visuals for her undeniably catchy single, "Gucci Gucci." It even led to a reported seven-figure deal for the Minnie Mouse ears-wearing rapper, who appeared primed to capitalize on all of the attention.

But as the months passed and 2012 rolled around, the world heard very little from Kreay outside of some short-lived feuds with other artists, failed directorial duties, and one of her foul-mouthed friends. It would take almost a year for Kreay to release her second single and, finally, she dropped her full-length debut, Something 'Bout Kreay.

As you might have heard, the album sold extremely poorly in its first week, moving a mere 3,900 units. Upon learning this, we looked into all of the factors that could have caused this for some insight as to why Kreay's career received such a huge blow.

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