With plenty of songs built for intimate moments, Miguel’s been helping guys find their groove with women since he dropped his 2010 debut album All I Want is You. Though his forthcoming Kaleidoscope Dream album (out October 2) touches on a bit more than sex and relationships, know that it still has its fair share of cuts for horizontal grinding and winding. Just check out the effort’s lead single “Adorn” or the aggressive, but charmingly crass “Pussy is Mine.”

After an in-depth interview and previewing his album for Complex last week, Miguel took a little extra time to lay out, plain and simple, what he makes look so easy: getting girls. From the first meeting to closing time and getting her back to the crib, he’s teaching.    

“If you’re telling the story the next day and you say that you sealed the deal,” Miguel says, “We know what that means. That means you put it down.” Continue for his five tips for the fellas. Maybe you’ll have a tale with a happy ending to tell your friends soon. 

As told to Brad Wete (@BradWete)

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