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Angie Martinez: "The Jay-Z, R. Kelly thing was crazy, the 2 a.m. in the morning right after Madison Square Garden thing, that one was crazy. That one was exciting too because I was at the Garden when it happened and we were all like, [Gasps]. We couldn’t believe it, they all said R. Kelly was leaving.

"I was on my way to the parking lot after the concert and I get the call that Jay wants to go on the air and they asked me to go to the radio station. I was like, ‘Yes!’ I asked people if I could cut the line in the parking lot ramp, the radio station tried to get set up real quick. It wasn’t even my shift, I don’t even know who was on at that time but whoever it was, let me get on. He came up and after, R. Kelly came up and it was this night-time big old spectacle."