Album: Look Like a Job For...
Label: Cold Chillin'/Warner Bros.

Tone: “Working with Big Daddy Kane is something we’ll never forget. When we got with Big Daddy Kane, he was on the latter side of his career. He was still Big Daddy Kane, but he wasn’t Big Daddy Kane posing with Madonna in magazines. He didn’t disappoint us. It was still a great experience, great to work with Big Daddy Kane and the whole Cold Chillin’ era. We caught the last years of Cold Chillin’.”

Poke: “We were so excited. We had no business tactics, no management, nothing. We didn’t know anything. For us it was like, ‘We’re going to do Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap. I don’t give a fuck how much—we’ll do it for free! Just get me to the studio!’ We were in that mindset, trying to seize the opportunity. Fly Ty basically gave us the whole label to do, like, ‘Do everything. Give me all the hit records. Don’t go over there, why are you over there with them guys?’

“It was a huge learning experience. It was also us trying to express ourselves and trying to put our music out there as much as possible. We were trying more to get an impact from the music business than the actual audience. We wanted people to say, like, ‘Yo, Poke and Tone are nice.’ We wanted that reaction out of people in the music business. We weren’t really thinking about the audience like that. We wanted to get in every building and have relationships so we can have those artists.”