Last week, Game and his crew jumped fellow West Coast rapper 40 Glocc in Los Angeles and recorded it all on his iPhone. Thank you, technology. The footage, which made its way straight to WorldStarHipHop, led to tweets from both sides—40 Glocc claims Game and crew pulled guns on him leaving him defenseless. 

Game summarized the attack by tweeting "Iphone in my left hand..... Mayweather'n this nigga with my right !!! " and later went on to say he didn't kill 40 Glocc "because then [he'd] get 25 to life." Apparently, the fight was a result of 40 Glocc posing as Game's oldest child on Twitter.

Either way, Game you snitched on yourself by recording the fight and bragging about it on Twitter. A grown man shouldn't aspire to have videos of himself fighting go viral on WorldStarHipHop. But if you post it, we'll watch.