It sounds like Azealia Banks is fed up with the rap scene. On the heels of her sold out Mermaid Ball at Bowery Ballroom in New York City, Azealia took to her Tumblr page to announce that she no longer wants to be called a rapper. Instead, she wants to be referred to as a vocalist, and doesn't want to associate herself with the "rap game" anymore. In addition, she deleted her Twitter account, and instructed her fans to follow her on Tumblr instead. Read her statement below.

i never was…. and as soon as i started paying attention to bullshit urban media, i started getting myself in trouble. From now on i’m a vocalist, and will not be associating myself with the “rap game”… or whatever the fuck that means… no more twitter for me… it makes me entirely too accessible. Catch me on tumblr… it’ll be more interesting.

[via Karen Civil]