Album: Based on a TRU Story
Producer: Mike Will Made It
Label: Def Jam

As he's done so many times this year, Drake steals the show on this single from 2 Chainz's solo debut. It's moments like these when you realize how unbelievably comfortable the Toronto rapper is with himself and his current place in the hip-hop landscape. Talk of his success never makes him seem unrelatable, either. When he raps "Forbes list like every year, my office is my tour bus" the last half of the line humanizes the fantasy-laden financial boasts we so often hear from rappers. Even Drake's escapades with A-list women are personalized when he speaks of them bringing food over to his home and "acting up" just like less famous ladies do. It all makes for a fun, outlandish verse that remains pleasantly grounded thanks to all the intricate details.