John Taylor: “I work with people sometimes and they wait for the magic to happen. They wait around until [they ask] How do you guys do it? We have a really extraordinary closeness today. We really have a great chemistry between us. Our energy. I don’t know whether we are going to sort of tap into the zeitgeist in the way that songs from that era appeared to.

“I’m 52. I think I spent my whole 30s trying to distance myself from what I did in my 20s. Thinking we got to find some new way to represent ourselves. Becoming constant with all that you’ve done and all that you are, you know, and this is moving forward. We are going to write another album. We are going to get in the studio in the new year. We are going to write another album. And you know what? Maybe, fucking, we will write another song that has a powerful impact in music. Or maybe we won’t. At least if we show up in the studio together and actually do it and there’s a good affinity with each other then we got a chance. If you don’t show up to your typewriter, there’s no chance you are ever going to write anything.”