Nascover for his upcoming album Life Is Good drew some criticism for its visual interpretation. The cover has a snapshot of him in his wedding suit while holding the green dress his ex-wife Kelis wore when they got married.

In an interview with NME at the Isle Of Wight Festival 2012, Kelis shares her feelings about ex-husband Nas. Needless to say, Kelis still appreciates a good concept from an artist when she sees one. She also talks about her busy touring schedule and what to expect for the forthcoming album.

"My feelings about it are not really relevant, but you know at the end of the day Nas is an artist. And for whatever it’s worth he’s one of the greatest, and especially for what it is he does. So for me, I feel like especially for someone in hip-hop to kind of be genuine and honest, whatever the honesty is about, I think it’s awesome. So my feelings about it aren’t really necessarily valid, it’s just the fact that as an artist I can respect that he wears his feelings on his sleeve.”

[via NME]