Emanuel Ruiz, aka Manny X, a native of Puerto Rico by way of Providence, Rhode Island, has been named the winner of the Guitar Center Presents: Your Next Record contest, which not only provides him with a grand prize package of over $27,000 in gear, but the chance to record a 3-song EP with T-Pain and Young Fyre. The two award-winning producers selected Manny X from the hundreds of aspiring artists who entered the contest hoping for their big break. Manny X’s smooth R&B crooning immediately caught the attention of T-Pain, who called his sound “fresh, new, and exciting.”

The competition began with a social media round, during which the unsigned artists who submitted their work were ranked based on how well they were able to connect with fans through the social platform. T-Pizzle and an expert panel then went through the top ranked artists, finally selecting Manny X. There’s no question that the young singer’s life is about to change; as Guitar Center Director of Music Marketing Dustin Hinz put it, “by partnering with an experienced, successful artist like T-Pain, Manny X will be able to take his career to the next level.”

In addition to recording the EP with T-Pain and Young Fyre, Manny X is now the proud owner of amazing products from AVID, Akai, Shure, and more. To listen to the track that put Manny X on the map, and for more info on the Your Next Record contest, click here.