In April, The Kickdrums were moments away from releasing their latest mixtape, Follow The Leaders, as a free release on the Internet. One of the tracks, "Ridin'," had all the A$AP Rocky and Lana Del Rey fans excited because the Brooklyn-based duo were the first known artists to put Rocky and Del Rey on a track together. With a preview already making rotation on the music blogs, the Kickdrums wanted to save the full version for the tape’s release. But suddenly, the song got cut from the final tracklist.

“Well, we had like a general consensus to go ahead and leak it. I don’t think even the people involved had any idea it would have such a large impact in such a short amount of time,” they said in an interview with MTV Hive on April 3. “But A$AP really wanted to use it for his album and as much as we love the song and are super excited to put it out and are disappointed that it’s not out, we’ve got to respect that. If he wants to put it on the album, that’s that.”

The Kickdrums recall Rocky recording the song and later saying, “You guys can use it for your mixtape and I’ll use it too for my album. You cool with that?”

“We thought it was perfect. Then when all the press came in [yesterday] that’s when the label stepped in,” they added.

Yesterday, “Ridin’” leaked on the Internet exclusively on DDotOmen, before making its circulation to other major blogs. This afternoon, Rocky took to his Twitter account to sound off on the leak and revealed that his vocals weren't finished but merely a reference track. Check out his tweets below:

The Kickdrums responded to Rocky’s frustration by saying they didn’t leak "Ridin'." Whatever the case, the track that would have been on LongLiveA$AP is out for free with a fan-made cover that you can see above. Maybe the recently announced “My Bitch” will be an entirely different song all together. We'll have to wait and see. Peep the Kickdrums' response below.