Lana Del Rey nearly set the Internet on fire yesterday when she released the video for “National Anthem.” In the video that features a cameo by A$AP Rocky, the duo portrays assassinated president John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie O. It also captures many of the couple's iconic photos.

Noisey sat down with Rocky to talk about the video treatment, working with Del Rey, and LongLiveA$AP.

On playing JFK:

"And so I got in character like, “Fuck that like, I’m gonna be the black, trill JFK.” But basically I was just me, I don’t really think I did JFK no justice, (laughs). I was just me and it was like, “what if JFK met A$AP Rocky?” And that’s what you got. She looked like Jackie O, and I was kissing the shit out of her all day and shit."

On working with Del Rey:

"Nah that was good. I was like squeezing on her buns and all that shit. Doing all that perverted shit. (laughs) That was the fun part."

On Del Rey being on his debut album:

"Yeah, she’s gonna be on the song “My Bitch.” It was gonna be called “Ridin',” but it’s actually “My Bitch.”"

On other artists on the album:

"Yeah, Flocka’s on there, Pharrell’s on there but that’s all I can really announce right now. I can tell you, but not here with this conversation being in the press right now."

[via Noisey]