Shy Glizzy

Hometown: Southeast D.C.
Pros: Eager; willing to beef with whoever.energetic and not scared of beef.
Cons: Needs more material; extremely nasal and needs to improve song-making skills.
Essential Listening: Streets Hottest Youngin

At just 19-years-old, Shy Glizzy brings a youthful exuberance to the mic. Despite his age, he’s already had numerous run-ins with the law; probably spending more time in trouble than in school.

After earning his GED while incarcerated, he decided to try his hand at rap and dropped his debut mixtape, Streets Hottest Youngin, last Halloween.  He stays true to what he knows—the streets—but tracks like “Dirty Game” show that he’s aware of past wrongs in his short time on this planet.

Then, of course, there’s the beef. He’s taken shots at Fat Trel, aiming high with “Disrespect The Tech,” a play on Trel’s “Respect With The Tech.” More recently, he’s feuded with Chief Keef, getting extremely personal over both the “3Hunna” and “I Don’t Like” beats.

He’s clearly not one to back down, but for the sake of music, let’s hope they all keep it on wax. Shy Glizzy has potential by the kilo, and his next project, Law, is due out today. Hopefully that project will be a step in the right direction and show some growth as an artist.