Willis Earl Beal: "I grew up in Chicago, Illinois, on the Southside of Chicago. I was surprisingly precocious when it came to sexuality. I liked women's legs a lot, I didn't know what I wanted to do with those women's legs but I used to go towards the women's legs and I guess I would try to feel them.

"I used to go to Sunday School. I was extremely active and I moved around a whole lot and that's just who I was. I stayed by myself. I was sheltered so my grandparents kind of kept me in. Then as I got older, my parents separated and my mom got custody of us, not really custody because it wasn't legal because they were never married. I went around with her and we went from church to church and she met a new guy, my stepfather, and we just moved a lot and went to a lot of different churches. That's how my childhood was.

I didn't really care about music too much, no more than the average person. I didn't really get into music on my own until Albuquerque, which was like four years ago. As a kid, I just liked Michael Jackson like everybody else."