Producer: Ski
Album: Ruffhouse Records Greatest Hits
Label: Ruffhouse Records

Riding high off the buzz his group The Outsidaz had earned through their appearance on The Fugees' album The Score in '96, and an affiliation with Eminem, who had just released his Slim Shady LP, Pacewon seemed destined for greatness. "I Declare War" was a Ski Beats–produced gem that put all eyes on him. Its video even had an Eminem cameo. And yet things just never seemed to get rolling for the Jersey MC, or The Outsidaz for that matter. Em blew up and took his D12 crew with him, and Pacewon just sort of stalled out. In 2008 he lashed out at Em in the song "The Joker." 2008! Talk about beating a dead horse.