We already heard Big Sean light up guest appearances on tracks like Meek Mill’s “Burn,” the remix to “I Don’t Like” and the G.O.O.D. Music single “Mercy.” He’s been hard at work, looking to keep his momentum going by planning his next album.

In a sit-down with XXL, the Detroit MC has been throwing possible names around for the album. We’ve heard his famous ad-lib “swerve” on a number of tracks, which he has entertained the idea for a title before.  Check out what he had to say about Swerve possibly being the title, as well as who will produce his next single below.

On the title Swerve:

“Swerve is just my adlib…it ain’t going to be the title of my next album. That’s a good- ass title though. I ain’t mad at it. That’s just something we made up. We’ve been saying that for years in the D, so yeah, it might be. That’s hard though. People be talking shit because I be making up words, but I think it’s cool. You have to have an imagination to take it further."

On the lead producer of his single:

"Key Wane actually produced my first single. No I.D. is probably executive producing, and he’s my A&R, him and Kanye, of course. Key Wane is from Detroit. We went to high school together; he was younger. He’s the first producer I signed, and he’s going to be legendary. I’m excited to be working with him.”

[via XXL]