Growing Up Goth In Vancouver

Grimes: “When I was a kid growing up there, it was a really cool place because there was a really cool legacy of industrial music and stuff. There was always a lot of good stuff going on. Like, really cool shows, and I liked the shows when I was a good kid. There was this place called the Cobalt and it had this thing called Fake Jazz Wednesdays, where bands could just play—like, any band could play. Whenever. It was just cool because there was a lot of stuff to do.

“I was very opposed to the folk scene. I had a huge rivalry, me and my friends were Goth, so we had a huge rivalry with the hippies, which, I guess, still persists perhaps to this day. But we were serious enemies with the hippies. I’ve matured out of it in a lot of ways, but I think it’s in me forever. It’s pretty deeply embedded.”