Getting attention as a new band isn't an easy task in 2012. The evolution of the online music community has made it more possible than ever to put your music out there and give people all over the world a chance to listen. But that also means more competition than ever as more and more aspiring musicians flood the market.

It's not just new bands popping up—entire sub-genres, scenes, and movements are taking shape and starting to explode before most people even know they exist. It's exciting to have access to more music than ever before, but the shit can get overwhelming too. It's becoming harder and harder to know who to pay attention to. But don't worry, the Plex has got your back.

We put this list together to highlight some of the bands that we're most excited about and hopefully introduce you to a couple of your new favorite acts. From garage rock to synth pop and a little bit of everything in between, here are the 20 New Bands To Watch Out For (listed in alphabetical order).

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Written by Jacob Moore (@PigsAndPlans) & Brendan Klinkenberg (@kingmidasIV)