This feature is a part of Complex's WZRD Week.

As WZRD Week continues here at Complex, we've been speaking with Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius about their friendship, the making of their new album, and Dot's best known beats, not to mention Cudi's favorite style brands. Leaving no stone unturned, we were curious to find out what albums inspired them. We figured that an artist like Cudi—whose creativity defies stylistic boundaries and borders—would have a wide variety of musical tastes. And we weren't disappointed.

Cudi told us all about the albums that he can't live without—and two artists that he loves so much he flat-out refused to select just one album. His picks ranged from alternative bands like Crash Test Dummies to legendary rappers like The Notorious B.I.G. to indie bands like Ratatat. So click through to find out which Kanye West album is Cudi's favorite, what song inspired his song "Day 'N' Nite," and which prog-rock band he patterned WZRD's sound after...

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As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)