This feature is a part of Complex's WZRD Week.

Dot Da Genius isn't the most popular producer in the game, nor has he worked with all the big-name artists. Instead, the Brooklyn beatsmith choose to stick by his brother Kid Cudi. Back when they were no-names Dot helped craft the songs that got the kid from Cleveland noticed and eventually made him a star. One of those songs was the classic "Day 'N' Nite," which earned them both a Grammy nomination. 

Since then, Dot's gone on to work with Cudi's frequent collaborators Chip Tha Ripper and Kanye West, but otherwise he's mostly kept it in-house. We've already spoken with Dot and Cudi about The Making of WZRD, so we figured it was only right to hook up with Dot on the solo tip to talk about the making of all of his classic songs. He told us about how he likes to make songs organically, how prophetic many of Cudi's early songs were, and what song caused him to received (humorous) death threats.

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)

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