Album: Stankonia
Label: LaFace

Rico Wade: "Sleepy came by the house one day and sang me a melody. The next morning I was in the shower and came up with a beat for it. 3000 is raw; that's why we fuck with him. But Big, he's tangible…he's touchable. Like Dre, you can't touch him, you can't get to him. With Big, it's almost like he's the people's champ. But what's raw about Dre is, he can turn down a $10 million tour—where Big Boi can't. Him and Dre stand side-by-side. Tide wanted to do a commercial using the song, and then Dre didn't want to be on the song. And I actually respect Dre for not falling for the money. I mean, Big had money, so it wasn't like he was tripping."

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