Album: Still Standing
Label: LaFace

Mr. DJ: "That song was originally supposed to be a Mista song. They had that song out then called 'Blackberry Molasses' that Organized Noize produced, and I was dong a remix to the song, so I made that beat to the acapella down in the Dungeon at Ric's house one day, cause that's where we did a lot of the Mista stuff. Bernasky Wall was the engineer at the time, and had the acapella up on the two-inch reel and I just started playing it. I just put it on loop, and eventually I started making a beat to it. One day Gipp came by the studio and was like, 'Man, what is that playing right there?!' and I was like, 'That's the remix for Mista.' And he was like, 'Naw, not really, that ain't it…that's something else right there.' And he started writing to it and he actually came up with part of the verse for 'Black Ice.'”

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