Last month, when Complex named The 25 Best Albums of 2011, fans of underground hip-hop were pleasantly surprised to see that Danny Brown's XXX not only made the list, but cracked the top 10. But a lot of people may still be wondering Who Is Danny Brown?

To answer that question, we got on the horn with the Detroit rapper who's spent years in the game—the title XXX is not a porn reference, but instead the Roman numeral for Danny's age, 30—before finally finding his niche and discovering his voice.

Danny told us all about his frequent trips to New York during the early aughts when he befriended members of the G-Unit and Rocafella teams before finding a home at Fool's Gold. He also explained why he recently dissed Mac Miller, where his high-pitched rap voice comes from, and what his infamous lopsided-perm haircut is all about. He even found time to talk about his love for drugs like Adderall and what role "Addy" played in the making of his mixtapes albums The Hybrid and XXX... 

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)