Earlier this week E-40 simultaneously dropped his fifteenth and sixteenth solo studio albums, Revenue Retrievin’: Overtime Shift and Revenue Retrievin’: Graveyard Shift. He’s been rapping for almost a quarter century, and has seen the game change from selling cassettes out the back of his car to selling mp3s on iTunes. He’s gone from the Hillside of Vallejo, CA, to more comfortable surroundings, but to hear him talk today you’d swear he was still hustling. Well, it’s cause he always is.

Whether it’s a new slap, a new artist (probably a family member), a new drink recipe, or a new piece of slang, E-40 always has something tucked in his ballcap. The Ambassador of the Bay’s future remains bright, but today we’re concerned with his past. So sit back, all you squares and don’t-knows, and make sure you don’t listen too slow: the boy 40 Water is about to tie your shoes, and lace you with some game, by breaking down his 25 most essential tracks.

As told to Willy Staley (@bushwickwill).