From music to fashion, Theophilus London is one of the least typical rappers out. It's one of the reasons his music is so polarizing, but also what makes him such an interesting character. We recently saw him working on new music with A$AP Rocky, and in this interview with Pigeons & Planes, Theophilus talks about how that collaboration came about, what his new music will sound like, and much more. Read some highlights below, and head over to P&P for the full interview.

How he met A$AP Rocky:

"Well, you know Rocky is from New York or whatever, and I’m from New York so you know those guys been friends of mine for a minute and we just finally met up at New Years. I had a party in my hotel room. It was a 50 person room and they came through with like 100 people. Me and Rocky met and we’ve been kicking it ever since.  Every day we call each other, you know we just talk on the phone, he comes to my house or something or we go to the studio. It’s not like “We need to record together to make this big because we’re two good artists.” It was like friendship. We became cool, you know? He’s a good friend. So it was natural."

What his new music sounds like:

"The new sound is a bit of a like a… very bass-y. A lot of my first, early music I’d written to double-time beats like [claps to demonstrate], but a lot of stuff is like, half time stuff you know? Like [demonstrates with slower clapping], half time stuff is more bass. You know so it’s me staying experimental, but it’s more heavy bass.  It’s kinda maybe like if Dre’s bass met Bone Thugs meets Marvin Gaye meets like a rave you know, meets like fuckin’… Silkk The Shocker."

On his next release:

"Yeah single releases and we got two videos coming soon. Um, working on a mixtape. It’s something like 27 songs, we tried to cut it down, we have 30 something right now. It’s kind of overdue music, but it’s like 27 songs. It’s like the follow-up to I Want You, but like very more explosive you know. It’s more of an album format. I’m gonna put it in as much of a mixtape format as I can, like maybe samples and cover a lot of songs too. A lot of originals too, a lot of originals."

[via Pigeons&Planes]

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