Panelist: Andrew Barber, FakeShoreDrive

Weeks before WTT dropped, you couldn't log on to the Internets without reading or hearing someone gushing about Ye and Jay's collaborative effort. Whether it was praise for thwarting would-be leaks (genius!), or a video featuring a sliced up Maybach (groundbreaking!), the dynamic duo could do no wrong. But once the album dropped and the smoke cleared, the chatter stopped. What everyone deemed classic had pretty much been forgotten—with the exception of the insanely popular "Paris."

WTT was then toppled and trumped by Wayne's Carter IV and Drake's Take Care from a sales perspective. But neither C4 or Take Care were as good as Watch The Throne. Sure, "Look What You've Done" was more heartfelt and sincere than "New Day," but nothing on Take Care (with the exception of the bonus track "The Motto," which has insane potential) stacks up against "Paris," or "Gotta Have It" from a club banger (I hate that term) perspective. Plus "Murder To Excellence" >>>

While Watch The Throne failed to set the world on fire the way we hoped, it was pound for pound, an all around better HIP-HOP album than Take Care. Perhaps you should go back and revisit.

Advantage: Watch The Throne

Watch The Throne: 3 | Take Care: 0