Forbes revealed its 2012 30 Under 30 list today of 30 people in the music industry who also happen to be under the age of 30. As you might expect, it includes high-earning rappers like Lil Wayne and Drake, chart-dominating singers like Adele and Justin Bieber, and some tech-ier folks like CrowdSurge's Matt Jones.

Sitting atop the list, which you can view here, is 19-year-old Mac Miller, who Forbes has featured with the above video interview. The Pittsburgh rapper talks about various aspects of his career, such as his music videos, his successful debut album Blue Slide Park, and being compared to Eminem. Miller also reveals the fact that he doesn't think he'll be going to a major label anytime soon.

Why would he, right? Dude topped the charts on an indie, Rostrum, and will probably do it again when he releases his sophomore record.

[via Forbes]