Producer: Ice Cube, Sir Jinx
Album: AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted/Kill at Will
Label: Priority
Ice Cube  "JD's Gaffilin'" 

Ice Cube  "JD's Gaffilin' (Part II)" 

Da Lench Mob's JD proved that sometimes you don't need anything but some inspired boasting to make a memorable skit. His gritty street tales of jackin' (or "gafflin'") motherfuckers for their Nissan trucks ("McDonald's was my spot! Right in the drive-thru," he says facetiously in between the shaking of some dice) is some fly-on-the-wall shit that has you wishing for more, which is why there was a Part Two on the Kill at Will EP. This time, JD goes off at the boys in blue in full no-holds-barred mode. Just hearing him say "straight jackin'" with his distinct twang is worth your time.