Album: We're Goin' Off
Producer: Clayton "Clay D." Dixon
Label: Pandisc Records

The connection between Bass music and Crunk can't get any clearer than it does on "Give Me a Bottle." Between Clay D's throat-full-of-glass shouted hook and the New Get Funky Crew's let's-get-white-boy-drunk lyrics ("By the time we reach the club/Me and the boys are smelling like an English pub/But that's alright, cover it with Fahrenheit"), "Bottle" could almost pass for a Lil' Jon song from a full decade later.

The anthem's impact could still be felt in 2009, when Pitbull recorded a new, Jim Jonsin-produced version of it, and LMFAO and Lil Jon's similarly-themed "Shots," became an anthem on South Beach and every other binge-drinking destination the world over.