#10. Out On Bail, Fresh Out of Jail

Date: Spring 1995

Best line: “Do you see me running into Bad Boy with a gun? Do it look like I’m doing drive-bys on these niggas?”

Complex says: In the spring of 1995, Hot 97’s Angie Martinez scored a post-prison interview with Pac, right after his release from Clinton’s Correctional Facility. The conversation between the two started off smoothly, as Pac discussed ideas on how rappers could take more responsibility and better serve their neighborhoods. “Lets get some paper, get some buildings, get some community centers,” he said. “You can't do that without money.”

Immediately following this statement, Angie attempted to move the conversation back to the issue of the boiling East Coast/West Coast war—and how that might affect rappers from both coasts feeling comfortable working together. Let the rant begin.