Dr. Dre may not have time for Detox, but he has managed to help out with the development of a couple other less established artists. One of those guys is Kendrick Lamar. The other one is Los Angeles rapper Slim The Mobster.

Unlike Dre, this Aftermath rapper's street album has arrived on schedule. War Music is hosted by DJ Whoo Kid, sponsored by Crooks & Castles, and features contributions from Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Prodigy, and more. Dre, Snoop, and Sha Money XL also stepped in for executive production duties. Check it out at DJ Booth.

Mixtape: Slim The Mobster War Music


01. Dreaming f/ Nikkie Grier
02. What Goes Up f/ Snoop Dogg
03. Fu*k You f/ Yummy Bingham
04. Falling Star f/ Nikki Grier and Sly
05. Back Against the Wall f/ Dr. Dre & Sly
06. Martyr f/ Prodigy
07. South Central Blues f/ D Brown
08. Whose House f/ Kendrick Lamar
09. See It
10. Gun Play
11. Take It Easy