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Steve Jobs was known as an innovator who had an uncanny ability to think outside the box. Time after time, his visionary thinking put him ahead of everyone else. When it came to hip-hop, however, Jobs wasn't exactly on the cutting edge. From Rolling Stone:

Jobs was open to new music, but his favorite artists were the ones he got to know when he came of age in the Sixties, including Bob Dylan and Donovan. After one meeting with Interscope chair Jimmy Iovine, he returned to work and asked colleagues, "Did you know there's this really great thing called hip-hop music?"

"This was, like, 2004!" Fadell recalls fondly. "We all turned to each other and smiled."

At least he had some years towards the end of his life to enjoy hip-hop. Below, find an inspiring short tribute video by Screenwerks that highlights some of Steve's most impactful moments and words about music.