In Pusha T's "Don't Fuck With Me," many people believed Pusha was taking some indirect shots at Drake. The line about sweaters made it especially suspicious, considering we all know that Drizzy's got a thing for sweaters. Despite all that, Pusha insists that he wasn't talking about Drake. He cleared things up in a recent interview with HipHopDX.

"Naw, I never referenced Drake. I never referenced anybody in particular on that track. Never. That’s not what happened. People have turned it into the "Drake Diss." People have taken apart the verses and started to put the lines with rappers they think are targets or whatever, and that wasn’t the case. Like, that’s not what this is at all. So I just sit back and I watch it. But it ain’t nothing to me, man."

When asked about the sweaters line, Pusha explained:

"And that’s crazy because the last time I seen Drake he was at the Billboard Awards and wearing some type of high fashion suit. I don’t really know Drake’s dress code like that, man."

Despite Pusha insisting that he's not referencing anyone in particular, Nah Right pointed out that local VA rapper Ambassador Rick took offense to the Pusha song and even went so far as to record a song in response.