DJ S&S, Old School Part 2 (1992)

DJ Drama: “That was the first mixtape that I ever listened to. My sister took me to 125th when they used sell mixtapes in Harlem. I had just started DJing and a lot of the records he had on that tape, I didn’t have the vinyl of it because I had just started buying records.

“I really wanted that so I could get those records. I had remembered them from my youth. That was when tapes were just straight through. It sounded like he was just in his crib, studio, or however he made his tapes.

“He ran it through and his mic game was incredible. He was running through the records and I was just blown away. That was my first time ever really just sitting there listening to a mixtape like, ‘Man, this shit is fucking amazing. This is what I wanna do.’ That tape means a lot to me and my career.”