As you probably know, there is a Tupac sex tape out there. No one has seen it except TMZ and the tape's owner (and whoever he or she showed it to), but there are already some big offers on the table. There has been a bidding war for the video, but since nobody has been allowed to see it, the offers didn't exceed $150,000.

According to TMZ, one bid just blew the rest out of the water, and it's not even for the visuals. There is an unreleased 2Pac song playing in the background during the tape, and the CEO of NOHO, the anti-hangover drink, wants the rights to that song. Without even hearing it, he's offerred up a million dollars for those rights.

Right now it's not known who owns the rights or if the owner is willing to sell. If the CEO gets what he wants, he plans on using the track as the official theme song for NOHO. It seems like a weird move, but it makes a little more sense when you consider that the CEO (pictured above) is Jay Grdina, a businessman who used to be in the porno industry.