Offer Fabolous a job

Role Model: Jay-Z

What happened? Rap fans love to argue about who won the epic lyrical battle between Jay-Z and Nas. But once Jigga cut the little homey a check and signed him to Def Jam, Nas obviously took an L.

When Nas signed to Def Jam, the decision seemed epic but still puzzling—that is, if you haven’t read Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. It’s all about winning the war as opposed to the individual battles.

Beef is an ego thing, and Jay overstood that the ultimate win was lording over Nas as the big cheese. Let others argue all day about who won the lyrical war; as president of Def Jam, Jay was Nas’s boss. Case closed.

Complex says: Nobody can deny Ray J’s business acumen. As a producer of several successful VH1 shows, Ray should offer Fabo his own reality show. That way he can take his stand as a boss, as opposed to looking like the biggest loser.