Fall back on your fans

Role Model: Chris Brown

What happened? When Chris Brown beat up Rihanna, his career took a beating too. Breezy lost endorsement deals and several radio stations refused to spin his songs.

So what did Brown do? He launched a clever Twitter campaign to turn the career-crippling negative energy around. He encouraged #TeamBreezy to constantly heap praise on the singer, resulting in multiple trending topics that made Brown seem more relevant than ever, paving the way for his "Look At Me Now" moment.

Complex says: Quit playing the thug role, Ray-J. We don’t believe you; you need more people. You need to gather up whatever fanbase you have left and get those random hashtags flowing. Music fans tend to be fickle, so use that short attention span to your advantage. They’ll forget about those #ThingsTougherThanRayJ jokes in no time.