3. Eminem Apologizes For Making Racist Song As A Teenager

Date: December 2003
What Happened: In November of 2003, The Source magazine dug up an old Eminem freestyle on which Marshall Mathers raps “Blacks and whites they sometimes mix/But black girls only want your money 'cause they're dumb chicks/Don't date a black girl/If you do it once you won't do it twice/Black girls are dumb, and white girls are good chicks."

Eminem addressed the track later that month saying, “The tape ... was something I made out of anger, stupidity and frustration when I was a teenager. I'd just broken up with my girlfriend, who was African American, and I reacted like the angry, stupid kid I was. I hope people will take it for the foolishness that it was, not for what somebody is trying to make it into today."

Two weeks later he offer another mea culpa: “While I think common sense tells you not to judge a man by what he may have said when he was a boy, I will say it straight up: I am sorry I said those things when I was 16.”

In 2009, Asher Roth suffered similar backlash when his attempt at twitter humor went horribly wrong. Making a reference to Don Imus’ infamous diss to the Rutgers women’s basketball team, the rapper said, “Been a day of rest and relaxation — sorry twitter hanging with nappy headed hoes." Roth apologized to "any man, woman, or child" he may have offended, calling his comments "immature."

Complex Says: We're willing to forgive a teenage Eminem for saying ignorant shit, but he needs to apologize for spitting such a wack rhyme. As for Asher, how can he say he was just being immature when he only tweeted the joke a few days earlier?