Date: September 2005

Best line: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

Complex says: In the aftermath of the devastation cause by Hurricane Katrina, the Bush administration was harshly criticized for its slow response time by citizens and media outlets across the nation. However, just three days after the hurricane had dissipated, Kanye West would deliver George Bush’s most scathing and memorable criticism.

Many suspected that the large population of blacks in the Gulf Coast—specifically in New Orleans—played a role in the Bush administration’s lack of urgency. That’s why we got out of our seat and applauded during NBC’s Concert For Hurricane Relief when Kanye claimed, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

Last year, Bush claimed that when Kanye made his comments about him it was, “one of the most disgusting moments in my presidency,” and denied being a racist. On the one hand, one of Bush’s signature policies was quietly tripling aid to Africa so maybe he doesn’t hate black people. On the other hand, Bush was president through 9/11 and two pointless wars, but when a rapper dissed him it was his low-point? [Mike Myers blank stare.]

Although Kanye did seem remorseful about his comments when he reflected on them last year, it doesn’t really matter. When College Dropout debuted at #1 and sold a gang of records, Kanye became a rap star. But when he made his Bush comment, he became a super-star whose willingness to make bold statements catapulted him into the public conscious. That’s why it is undoubtedly his greatest rant.