Date: 2003

Best line: “My beats was wack at one point, dog...I learned how to make hot beats. I’m focusing on rhyming now and I’m going to be the fucking best.”

Complex says: Early in his career, Kanye struggled to prove that he was a great producer as well as a great rapper. In this rant he stresses the fact that his dedication and hunger to learn is what made him a great producer, and applying that same work ethic to rapping would yield the same results.

At the time, this video just sounded like chest-pounding. In retrospect, Kanye’s predictions of a being the best rapper and having number one albums were spot-on. Watching the video today, it’s a reminder of two things. One, never ever doubt Kanye because if he said that shit he meant that shit. And two, no one wakes up and is successful—it takes hard work and dedication.