R&B singer-songwriter The-Dream took to Twitter late last night to update his fans on the status of his fourth solo LP, The Love, IV (Diary of a Mad Man), and to introduce his latest project, 1977

1977 is a free, 10-track LP said to drop August 31 and will be released under The-Dream's government name, Terius Nash. "The Terius Nash Est. 1977 will be very personal and to my fans!" the singer tweeted

Following 1977, The-Dream will release the long-awaited The Love, IV (Diary of a Mad Man) in this year's fourth quarter instead of his birthday, September 20, as we previously reported. He also revealed the follow to last year's Love King almost didn't happen due to contract negotiations, but "I, The-Dream, have decicded to go forward with Diary of a Mad Man LP, so I'll be in my Def Jam for at least one more season!"

Mr. Nash will be shooting videos for 1977 all this week.