Producer: RZA
Album: High School High: The Soundtrack
Label: Atlantic

One of them joints that only the hardcore Wu fiends remember, "Semi-Automatic: Full Rap Metal Jacket" sounds like a war submarine sinking ships like crazy. U-God rides that oceanic connection: "A hundred-thousand leagues beneath the sea/Deep depths makes rappers salty." Giving you a chunk of the machine-gun funk, he then passes it off to Deck, who is posted up starboard, killing every motherfucker in sight. "MCs are shot down long-range with sniper aim..." he brags. "My flows explode like hand grenades through your parts." He vows that "pirates of the darkest water feel the aura." Streetlife wants to make everyone aware he's "not your basic street entrepreneur," so he unloads a "heat-seeker that be attackin' your speaker." Mission accomplished.