Producer: RZA
Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...
Label: Loud

WTC's greatest slang editorialist has always been Raekwon. "Knowledge God" mixes together the Wu's use of diff'rent racial identities (Colombians, Africans, Italianos, etc.), the appearance of random folks with proper names (store owner Mike Lavonia), unusual catch phrases and descriptions (Mike named his pet piranha "Marijuana"), and Five Percent enlightenment ("What's today's mathematics, son?").

The narrative, fractured as always, is a lurid account of chains getting snatched at clubs and people snorting coke by the piles (the heavy-duty sniffing at the start is startling the first time you hear it) before it suddenly shifts into a private letter from Rae to somebody who is locked up: "Stay tuned, word up, I hope to see you in June/By the way, I seen your bitch, she was up in this cat's room/Skied up, weed the fuck up, to top it off/Look beat up, with two crack fiends huggin' your seed up/I took care of that, though, but don't worry 'bout it." (P.S. Like Ghost said in "Iron Maiden," the violin used in "Knowledge God" sounds ill.)