Producer: RNS/RZA/Prince Paul
Album: 6 Feet Deep
Label: Gee Street

Composed of The Undertaker (Prince Paul), The Gatekeeper (Frukwan), The Grym Reaper (Too Poetic), and The Rzarector (RZA), the Gravediggaz were an ill mash-up of rap artists with proverbial chips on their shoulders (all had been written off by their respective groups or labels prior to joining forces). 

Unleashing their witty, unpredictable talent and supernatural game, the horror-core heroes got the goosebumps goin' with macabre music like "Diary of a Madman," in which each MC gives gruesome testimony during a mock trial.

Wu disciple Scientific Shabazz goes berzerk. See for yourself: "You try to haunt me nigga, I ain't trying to hear it/Buck buck buck, I'll give your ass a holy spirit." RZA's plight? Listen: "Visions of hell tormented my face," he says, "So I chewed my fucking arm off and made an escape." Cutting-edge, killer lyricism.